Meet the Thought Weavers

David Anderson:

David is a full time teacher working in a Catholic primary school in Codsall near Wolverhampton. His passion lies in learning and encouraging youngsters to learn through any media available to them whether it be art, sports, writing, number or music.

David is an avid writer, poet, thinker and blogger. His 20 years experience of teaching has seen him work with adults with learning disabilities, youth groups, before/after school clubs, deaf groups, David is hearing but is able to communicate using BSL (British Sign Language) he has recently began teaching philosophy in prisons. However, his time is mainly spent working with children aged 4 to 11 years old.

David is currently part of another collaborative partnership with his friend Daniel Callow of One Life Music; writing inspirational songs/music for schools. David and Dan have just released their first book of songs called I Believe: Inspirational Songs for Children; and is available through One Life Music (Click on web link above)


Lee Pace:

Lee is the Deputy Head Teacher of Primary School in South Staffordshire. He is passionate about helping children become good learners, thinkers and citizens above all else.

Lee is an avid blogger and educational philosopher who enjoys nothing more than engaging in debate with fellow professionals. He recently began teaching philosophy in prisons and has wide experience of delivering pedagogical training for the local authority.

Lee is one of half of the ‘Thought Weavers’ and hopes that his book, co-written by his colleague, David Anderson will be out this spring!


10 thoughts on “Meet the Thought Weavers

  1. Dear David and Lee,
    Thanks for the inspirational words. I have read your blogs a few times and I feel even more motivated to make a difference.

    Regards a tweeting follower SEN therapist@integratedbrain

  2. As a teacher of many years with many age groups and settings, it’s good to know that there are people like David and Lee out there working at putting the fun back into learning. So often education becomes a series of hoops for teachers and pupils to jump through, and we can all too easily lose sight of the real purpose of teaching :- inspiring young minds.
    I can vouch for the power of David’s methods. He inspired my son to go into the profession (despite all my counter arguments) because he saw what a fun place the classroom could be, and wanted to share the “buzz” of helping children learn and develop as human beings. Yes it can be stressful…but never boring.
    Trust this man.

  3. I am requesting permission to use your Using Bloom’s Taxonomy in the Classroom blog post form May 22, 2011 as a component of a 5 day Professional Development course on facilitation techniques for Human Intelligence Instructors at Fort Huachuca, AZ. My company is a government contractor and the end uses are military personnel, government employees, and contractors. Please email me directly at or post your permission. Thank you very much in advance.


    Colette Hutton

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