School Uniforms: Should we have them?

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This week’s blog relates to school uniform. The ‘Thought Weavers’ have different views on whether pupils should be forced to wear them. David feels school uniform helps pupils to feel part of a unique organisation; their school. He also feels they ensure that children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds do not worry about having the latest designer clothes.

Lee, on the other hand, feels that school uniforms cloud the message we try so hard to give children; that we are all unique and this should be celebrated. However, he does believe schools should, like most organisations, have a ‘dress code’ as this would be more in keeping with the world they’ll be entering after school.

So, our question to you is this…

Should schools enforce a strict school uniform policy?




8 thoughts on “School Uniforms: Should we have them?

  1. I think if there is a school uniform policy in place it needs to be strict. School uniforms should look smart and instill a sense of pride in being part of the school. If a school has a school uniform and it’s not strictly enforced it can look shoddy.

    Personally, when I was at school I always wore uniform and, at the time I didn’t really get why, but in retrospect I’m glad I did

  2. I see what you’re both saying here but having worked in schools in very deprived areas, no uniform would clearly hi-light children who have very little. It’s not a case of designer clothes but more a case of not having any clothes that really fit or clothes that are clean. I think children are unique through their personalities, their values and their opinions. I’m sure all good teachers give children the chance to shine and express their individuality through open ended tasks in lessons. Strict uniform policy can often equal expensive uniform, we need to include not exclude those from lower income families.

  3. Always leads to animated discussions this topic! Our school has just revamped its dress code for the children. I agree with the idea of uniforms so that children feel part of a team, don’t feel disadvantaged for not having designer gear etc. I find it hard to get too strict about it though; I don’t care if a girl wears purple spotted tights or has a funky hair clip! It doesn’t bother me if a child has a wrist band on to show support to a charity. As long as it isn’t a health and safety issue (hair tied in PE, no long earrings) or causing a distraction . However, there will always be some who will try to bend rules so I don’t think any school can really insist on all children following to the letter AND maintain good relationships with parents AND not spend an inordinate amount of time chasing it up.
    Yes to a uniform policy, but leave some room for manoeuvre .

  4. I am very ‘pro’ school uniform. As well as helping to give children and the school a sense of community it is a great leveller; everyone is the same in school uniform, and those who who regularly arrive without their jumper can easily be given a spare. Our children are proud to wear their uniform, and so they should be!

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