Thought_weavers in prison!

Today we went to prison. Our aim was to help inmates think a little more philosophically about life. Our first session was to investigate the nature of wisdom.
The enthusiasm shown by the prisoners was immense, they had wonderful suggestions about what having wisdom meant. One felt that wisdom was being regretful, whilst others thought it came with experience. The one hour session flew by and the prisoners can’t wait for the next session.
From a moral standpoint, some people may feel that giving prisoners an enjoyable experience is too far detached from ‘punishment’. However one of the prisoners, at the age of 24, had lived in over 70 foster homes in his lifetime.
One thing we can be be sure of as educators is that being able to think, early in life, is vital to a fruitful and happy future.
The Thought Weavers


One thought on “Thought_weavers in prison!

  1. I understand that most research has shown that punishment of prisoners is pretty well entirely ineffective in reducing reoffending. However, education and training is highly effective.

    So, I think what you are doing is wonderful. Please keep us informed 🙂

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